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SWTOR Pets: Where The Wild Droids Are

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Combing through database sites and internet search engines hasn’t provided much information regarding vanity pets in SWTOR. There appears to only be about 15 known vanity pets currently, and most of those have little to no information about them listed. Some even list what appears to be outdated or incorrect information. However there are a few pets that we can be certain of.

The most widely known vanity pet is the Minimech CE, which is the Mouse Droid exclusive to purchasers of the Collector’s Edition. This little guy should show up in CE owner’s mailboxes after entering their product code. While not a traditional vanity pet in the sense that it’s only out for 30 seconds at a time, the Training Droid also deserves mentioning. Both CE and DDE owners should receive theirs in a fashion similar to the Minimech CE. Oddly enough DarthHaterDB lists the Training Droid as being sold by PVP vendors as well. Chances are this information is either incorrect or the PVP vendors sell a version with a different skin. Another pet listed as sold by PVP vendors is the Interrogation Droid.

Lil Proby

During one of the BETA Weekends players were gifted L2-P2’s Call Signal, which summons an astromech droid. Seasoned gamers will recognize the droid’s name as a play on the acronym L2P, which stands for learn to play. According to Torhead, Republic players will also be able to purchase L2-P2 after launch from a Stims vendor on Coruscant. Empire characters will be able to purchase Lil’ Probey’s Codec from their Stims vendor on Dromund Kaas.

Fresh Cryomoss can be used to summon Smelly the Tauntaun. For some reason this pet is listed as only being available to the Powertech and Vanguard advanced classes. It drops from various high level mobs with a median drop chance of 19.

According to this screenshot you can purchase a Little SandCrawler mouse droid from a light side vendor on the Republic Fleet for 25,000 credits. In order to buy this pet players will need to be Light III or above. The screenshot shows the vendor as Mira, but no vendor by that name shows up in the databases so the name might have been changed.

Similar to the Training Droid, the Rhythm Augmentation Droid only stays around for 30 seconds. Instead of aiding you in combat this droid serenades you. Unfortunately the drop information on DarthHaterDB seems to be incorrect. A 100 drop chance off a level 1 Wild Manka Cub on Tython just seems too good to be true.

Other pets that are lacking information are the Hutt Observer, another Mouse Droid, an Orobird Egg, the Czerka Eye, T0R-CE Mk 7 Assembly Kit (which summons Torchy), and Tynock.

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