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The Esseles – Loot List

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The following loot list is for normal mode The Esseles. All bosses are listed in the order of occurrence. Trash drops are at the end. For all Esseles/Black Talon weapon drops, they are also obtainable for Coruscant/Dromund Kaas commendations.

Loot lists are currently a work in progress. If you notice anything that needs a correction or addition, please feel free to leave a comment.

Boss 1: Lieutenant Isric –

[Esseles Guardian's Greaves]
[Esseles Gunslinger's Pants]
[Esseles Vanguard's Greaves]
Note: this boss usually only drops green-quality items

Boss 2: Ironfist –

[Outrunner's D-88 Blaster Pistol]
[Esseles Guardian's Body Armor]
[Esseles Trooper's Body Armor]
[Esseles Consular's Lower Robe]
[Esseles Scoundrel's Pants]
[Esseles Trooper's Boots]
[Esseles Trooper's Greaves]
[Esseles Guardian's Boots]

Boss 3: ISS-7 Guardian Battle Droid –

[Esseles Scoundrel's Jacket]
[Esseles Sentinel's Tunic]
[Esseles Guardian's Gauntlets]
[Esseles Gunslinger's Boots]
[Esseles Gunslinger's Jacket]
[Esseles Scoundrel's Boots]
[Esseles Sentinel's Boots]
[Esseles Sentinel's Leggings]

Boss 4: ISS-994 Power Droid [Optional] –

[Esseles Consular's Robe]
[Unwavering Powertech's Talon Shield]
[Esseles Commando's Power Generator]
[Esseles Guardian's Shield Generator]
[Esseles Consular's Focus]

Boss 5: Vokk –

[Fusion-core Lightsaber]
[Electro Charge Rifle]
[Esseles Revolving Autocannon]
[Esseles Double-action Scatterblaster]
[Esseles Vanguard's Body Armor]
[Esseles Vanguard's Boots]

Trash Drops –

[Esseles Scoundrel's Gloves]
[Esseles Sentinel's Gloves]
[Esseles Consular's Boots]
[Esseles Gunslinger's Gloves]
[Esseles Trooper's Gauntlets]
[Esseles Vanguard's Gauntlets]

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