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TOR Reporter Episode 18 – Frogs wear pants?

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For this week’s show, Chris and Anexxia are joined by Scott Johnson from The Instance: TOR Edition and Frogpants Studios. We discuss some upcomming patch 1.2 news, some new guides from Bioware, as well as the correct etiquette for selling crafted items to guild mates.

What we did this week:

Hit 33 on the BH.  Sick of Alderan.  Flashpoints with friends.  Played a bunch with my Inquisitor, Dingus.  Ninja rolled on strength gear by accident with my BH, etc.

My raid team went poof. But this means I haven’t had a seizure from the strobing lights on the action bar.
Major altaholism. Leveling two consulars and a Jedi Knight now. This is getting out of hand…
Hit the 2mil credit mark on my main.

Smuggler to 19, closing on 20, but space missions are starting to get a little slow. Gotta move back to class quests for a bit.
Guardian is still on Quesh, level 36, and having fun. Why am I all of a sudden really enjoying the world questing? It wasn’t my favorite before, but I really like the characters/stories on Quesh.

Galactic Feed

New guides from Bioware:

Patch 1.2 Previews

Official Q&A

  • Too late to submit questions, but take a look at what people wrote.
  • What question would you want to ask?

Jedi’s Council

Discussion: Selling to Guildies in Gchat

  • Should you sell at cost, or make a profit?
  • Is holding onto something because you know you’ll make more money on the GTN OK, or just plain greedy?

Browsing the Holonet

5 Reasons You Should Play Republic

Lightsaber Hilts render+Youtube (since you can’t preview weapons)

Companion Romance Advice w/Khem Vhal


Guild management resource suggestion


Hello reporters,

I am currently listening to Episode 13 (I have a bit of catching up to do) and the Looking For Group topic was brought up. An idea I have for a TOR LFG system is to not only LFG on your server but to add a LFG for your guild and the guilds which you are aligned with. This way you can look within your guild for a group without spamming guild chat. And perhaps like WOW you could earn points for your guild by completing flash points and operations with your guild members and perhaps a similar system for completing these with your aligned guilds.

I hope I presented this clearly enough to make sense. If so (or not) what are your thoughts on this idea?

I really enjoy the show
Django, Sith Warrior Juggernaut – AIE – Keller’s Void

Comment from itsjustme on Episode 17

We need in game “mini games” for when were standing around crafting or sending companions on missions..   How about  Ewok Bowling or That whack a mole game using jar jar’s head

Contact Info:

Voicemail: 616-666-6778

Scott Website:
Twitter: @scottjohnson

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