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For those looking in need of a game of interested in how the guild spends its time…  Look no further than the Guild Game Summary for Q1.


The guild still continues to hammer away at the popular Star Wars MMO.  While not hitting the numbers the guild had at lunch we still have a small foot print of people trying to master the force and hit 50.

Battlefield 3 – XBOX

With Christmas in the past and the massive launch of console hits coming out.  The guilds console crew has really only one option at this time – Battlefield 3.  Find Skull, Harsh, and Sig, online for games.


If you hate people or want to play a single player MMO – checkout the popular Skyrim.  Oldrivers, Honcl, and a few others, have found a home here.

Tropico 4

And if you need something really really different – Tropico 4 could be for out.  We recently lost Honcl to this little gem.


And if none of that sounds interesting… Checkout the latest Mass Effect demo.

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