The Many Looks of Mako

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Mako's bubbly personality is an absolute pleasure to be around and whoever wrote for her did a fabulous job. She probably has the most realistic personality out of all the female companions I have encountered so far. Mako is the very first companion you get as a Bounty Hunter. As a healer she makes life really easy, especially if you're a Powertech hunter. The storyline in general in Bounty Hunter is brilliant and if you haven't rolled one yet, it's something you have to do in this game. Although my main class is Jedi playing alongside Mako on my Bounty Hunter provides a refreshing change of pace and experience. Although she is alligned with a Bounty Hunter, who theoretically works with Sith, she is not really keen on dark side decisions unless it involves making more money. Her cybernetics give her unique abilities and also provide distinct facial features in many of the customizations available for Mako. All eight of Mako's customizations are currently available in SWTOR. Let's have a closer look.


I equipped the security key vendor's bikini top on Mako for your viewing pleasure. Although she looks really good in her standard medium armor, Imperial Agent style gear. It was mentioned in Bioware's blog that Mako is the most popular companion when it comes to romance; this girl gets around! But I'd better be careful what I say about Mako ... I don't want every Bounty Hunter after me in the game!
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