SW:TOR DPS real time meter

Created by Contempt

Last Updated Apr 30 2012 3:54 PM

There is a very cool DPS parser/meter floating around I came across. There are a lot of parsers for the combat logs, except this one is easy to use and provides info in real time.

The website you go to is http://memoriesofxendor.com/parser/desktop/index.html There are instructions on the website, however some of the instructions are not very clear exactly what to do.

First you want to download and install it. Save it to somewhere you will be able to easily access it, I just pinned it to my toolbar.

Log into SW:TOR and enable combat logging to file, then go to graphics and set it to "Fullscreen (windowed)" or you will not be able to see the real time info.

After you have set it to the windowed mode, open up the parser. You will get some warning messages about how it might not be safe, but just hit continue until the main screen pops up.

There will be a bar at the top left of the screen, and a small box with a "..." in it, click it and it will take you to a screen where you need to pick where it will get the Data from, navigate your way to the SW:TOR files and click the file called combat logging. (This folder will not appear until you have enabled combat logging)

Then hit start, and when you enter combat, it will begin taking the data and putting it into bars on the main screen.

To get it to be in real time, hit the bar at the very top called "Pop-outs" and select the box called "Damage dealt" or whichever piece of info you want to see.

If you want to see the data for a raid, there is a raid tab, and it walks you through how to set it up, however it will only work for computers with the parser downloaded, so you need the whole raid to download it to get the full data.

NOTE This meter tracks each fight individually so each time you enter combat it will reset the meter

Please realize that this is not an official meter by Bioware and was made by somebody who just wanted to help everyone out

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