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Telekinetics guide

Provided to you by Michael Mansour - Ex Votos Guild

Please feel free to comment and ask questions, there is no dumb question except "Wheres blink?" and of course report any errors.

please feel free to discuss! This is a open discussion in regards to the Sage and new strategies are absolutely welcome. Please however have evidence, mathematical calculations or some way to backup your statements.

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3.0.0 THE SPEC


5.0.0 GEAR


6.1.0 Primary Stats

6.2.0 Secondary Stats






11.1.0 Sage Talents to Sorcerer

11.1.1 Balance to Madness Talent tree Conversion

11.1.2 Seer to Corruption Talent tree Conversion

11.1.3 Telekinetics to Lightning Talent tree Conversion

11.2.0 Sage Abilities to Sorcerer Abilities

11.3.0 Sith Inquisitor Companions Conversion


The Telekinetic Jedi Consular, at this current point has been marked the main raiding talent proving highest DPS on a single target. The Jedi Consular Has many DOTs, direct Damaging abilities and heals aswell as buffs and CC's. This guide is to theorycraft What is the optimal Spec, Combat Techniques, Gear, Modifications, Consumable and even Crew Skills for your JC.

Once implemented, this will also be a guide for Macros and Add-Ons.

We hope you find this usefull and would like to invite you to discuss any section.

Mathematics will come once combat logging is enabled.


The following is a list of abbreviations that we will be using in all of our discussions and should be recognised within the game when discussing the Jedi Consular.

CLM - Cloud Mind

TKW - Telekinetic Wave

FW - Force Wake

TKM - Telekinetic Momentum

PsyProj - Psychic Projection

TKD - Telekinetic Defense

TKE - Telekinetic Effusion

Tf - Tidal Force

TW - Telekinetic Wave

Turb - Turbulence

WM - Weaken Mind

MCr - Mind Crush

TKT - Telekenetic Throw

Ms - Mind Snap

FQ - Forcequake

DistB - Disturbance

FW - Force Wave

Proj - Project

FoW - Force of Will

FL - Force Lift

3.0.0 THE SPEC

At maximum level (50) we will have 41 skill points to distribute. To proceed from one skill tier to the next, 5 skill points per tier must be spent. I.e. to be able to take a skill in tier 4 of a given talent tree, you must have spent 15 skill points in the tree. As seen in the skill trees available on the net, the last skill in each tree is in tier 7, requiring 30 points to be distributed in the tree, totaling 31 (with the 1 point ultimate skill). This leaves us with a maximum of 10 points to spend in other trees and thus makes it impossible to choose a skill in a tier higher than 2. So let’s start with the easy analysis of the recommended talents.

Click Here for Talent Tree

The following are my recommendations:


1 Inner Strength - Recommended

1 Mental Longevity - Highly Recommended

1 Clamoring Force - Mandatory

2 Mind's Eye - Optional

2 Disturb Mind - Mandatory

2 Concentration - Highly recommended

2 Telekinetic Defense - Optional

3 Blockout - Not recommended

3 Telekinetic Wave - Mandatory

3 Psychic Projection - Mandatory

3 Force Wake - Not recommended

4 Tidal Force - Mandatory

4 Telekinetic Effusion - Optional

4 Kinetic Collapse - Not recommended

5 Tremors - Mandatory

5 Telekinetic Momentum - Mandatory

5 Mental Alacrity - Mandatory

6 Reverberation - Mandatory

7 Turbulence - Mandatory


1 Empowered Throw - Highly recommended

1 Jedi Resistance - Optional

1 Will of the Jedi - Mandatory

2 Pinning Resolve - Not recommended

2 Upheaval - Optional

2 Focused Insight - Optional

2 Critical Kinesis - Highly recommended


1 Immutable Force - Not recommended

1 Penetrating Light - Recommended

1 Wisdom - Not recommended

Why not take the extra range with Mind's Eye then use the Force Armor upgrade? During Operations and even Flashpoints, 5 Meters of extra range is really very rarely ever desired. The bubble is great for absorbing damage in low to moderate damaging areas and Raid Wide DoTs. However, I have marked both as optional, purely as some may disagree. During upcoming Operation encounters, the debate will have concluded and produced here. My personal preference is against it, Some may feel that while running to your target, the 5M is a increase in DPS. So far, I have not seen a use for this, all fights are within 30M radius.


This build uses a priority system. Here is the order of those priorities to maximize DPS with this build:

Priority List

So, without taking relative stat values or ability coefficients into account, we have something like:

1 Weaken Mind [DoT] 2 Mind Crush 3 Turbulence 4 Psychic Projection[TALENT PROC] 5 Telekenetic Throw[ONLY IF 4 = TRUE 6 Tidal Force[TALENT PROC] 7 Telekinetic Wave[ONLY IF 6 = TRUE] 8 Disturbance

This is a basic priority list taken from the list of spells and what they do. However of course further game testing will be required.

How does Alacrity[haste] affect Weaken Mind if its instant? How does it affect Mind Crush? Does it affect the DoT? Simple Answer, Yes, Alacrity not only quickens the cast time for WM, but the rate of which DoTs are applied is quickened, HOWEVER, the amount of time for each dot to be applied will stay the same, What does this mean? Their will be a point when you get a extra DoT from your DoTs. This essentially is a great increase in DPS. [ALSO SEE THE QUESTIONS UNDER STAT PRIORITIES]

Why is Telekinetic wave before Disturbance? Because of Rank 6 Tidal Wave. this talent proc makes TKW a instant cast. You will of course be using Disturbance more then TKW, however if you have the TKW Proc you Won't be using disturbance, will you? Therefore it has a higher priority.

Why is Disturbance not the first casting spell? Remember, this is not a rotation, it is a Priority List. However Weaken Mind and Mind Crush, both provide a DoT. To Maximise DPS you must have your DoT uptime at 90%+ Making applying ur dots perfectly the most viable.

Why is turbulence so high up? Simply because while your target is affected by Weaken Mind, your turbulence has a 100% Chance to critically hit. The hidden CD for this is 9 Seconds, so you are able to cast turbulence twice[TO BE CONFIRMED - Multiple unreliable sources].

If there is anymore questions, please feel free to ask

5.0.0 GEAR

General marking for JC Telekinetic DPS Gear will have "OF THE FORCE-MASTER" And "Resolve"

Click here to view example of Force-Master Click here to view example of Resolve


6.1.0 Primary Stats

The base stats are Strength, Aim, Endurance, Cunning, Willpower and Presence.

  • All primary stats give 1% crit for every 140 (at level 50)
  • Will power gives 0.2 force damage
  • Endurance gives 10 HP per point.
  • Armor resists kinetic damage ( Which is a significant amount for a Telekinetic Sage)

Dominant: Willpower, Endurance Unused: Strength, Presence, Aim, Cunning

Willpower, will be the main stat required, generally any item with Willpower+Endurance is used by us, Endurance, although not used by us with our role, is on almost every gear or modification.

During our leveling experience, we may come by Presence, this benefits our companion.

Presence gives: Bonus Companion Health = PRE * 5 Bonus Companion Damage = PRE * 0.2 Bonus Companion Healing = PRE * 0.14

6.2.0 Secondary Stats

The secondary stats Used: Power - adds melee, force and tech damage Force Power - Main secondary stat, improves Jedi Force damage Accuracy - Gives +hit and gives armor/spell pen over 100% Crit - gives melee, force and tech crit Surge - increased critical damage Alacrity - Cast/channel Haste [ Does not affect GD or channeled abilities]

Not Used: [atleast for our purposes] Presence - boosts companions health, damage and healing Tech Power - Found on weapons, works like Power but does not provide melee/ranged/force damage Armor - reduces physical and kinetic damage (all Tech and Force powers unless listed otherwise are Kinetic - Essentially, all damage) Defense - increases Parry/Deflect (deflect is just ranged parry) Shield - increases chance to be shielded on attack Absorption - increases the % of damage shaved off shielded attacks Expertise - PvP stat. Increases damage and healing done, reduces damage taken purely from players.

Priority List for stats currently are:

  1. Willpower

  2. Force Accuracy [Upto 100%, then its value will decrease]

  3. Force Power

  4. Alacrity

  5. Force Crit

  6. Surge

Do not think because Crit and Surge are low on the priority list, that they are not useful, the margin between alacrity and crit is very slim. All of these stats are highly valued.

Remember, with Stat Pointing Values [SPV] they will change with every single piece of gear, the only way to know for certain what is your personal priority list, you must use a Simulator to give a rating to each value. You may also use a Formulator to decide how to gear your character up. Currently the only known Formulator is being made by swtortools.com and swtor-tools.com

What is a Simulator? Don't be threatened by the sound of it, simply a simulator takes all information about your class, gear, talents, abilities and usable in-fight upgrades [Stimulants and Adrenals] and simulates a combat fight on a basic target for a certain amount of time [Usually 10,000 iterations and 300 seconds] and provides you with Stat Values, the most optimal DPS/HPS and even survival-ability techniques and an incredible amount of data. This tool can be used for absolute beginners to the most advanced experts in pro gaming. [Simulationcraft for World of Warcraft is a example]

What is a Formulator? A formulator is very similar to a Simulator however it takes the exact same information as a Simulator and also takes possible upgrades [Modifications and different items in gear] and mathematically tells you the absolute perfect way to gear your character for optimal performance in DPS, HPS and Survival-ability [Formulators use Stat Pointing Values]. A formulator when populated with all gear within the game will tell you what bosses give you upgrades and what modifications to make to your gear. [Rawr for World of Warcraft is a example]

These are NOT add-ons, but are applications not linked to your game, never add any programs to your game, they may contain viruses or may be malicious. They are populated with your charecters information purely from the OFFICIAL DATABASE. Please be aware of this and be safe.

Why is alacrity better then crit and surge? What spells benefit from alacrity? The following abilities benefit from alacrity:

Weaken Mind[The dot is faster] Mind Crush [ The dot is faster and the cast time] Turbulence Telekinetic throw Disturbance

As you can see 5/6 Abilities used in our priority list use alacrity. Also, this priority list depends on your talents, the value of surge is also lowered purely from the talent that increases its value by 50%. [This is also in debate as some abilties may fall into place by being under the GCD timer, ie, Abilities that have a cast time lower then 1.5seconds ].


Here are the consumables you will want to use with this build:

Stimulant Flask

Exotech Resolve Stim Use: Increases Willpower by 128 and Power by 52 for 120 minutes. Only one stimpack can be active at a time. This effect persists through defeat.


This is your most desired adrenal Exotech Attack Adrenal Use: Increases Power by 535 for 15 seconds. (Cooldown: 3 minutes)

There is also the following usable:

Accuracy - Exotech Tech Adrenal Use: Increases Accuracy by 535 for 15 seconds. (Cooldown: 3 minutes)

Alacrity - Exotech Efficacy Adrenal Use: Increases Alacrity by 535 for 15 seconds. (Cooldown: 3 minutes)

Critical Rating - Exotech Critical Adrenal Use: Increases Critical Rating by 535 for 15 seconds. (Cooldown: 3 minutes)

Surge Rating - Exotech Force Adrenal Use: Increases Surge by 535 for 15 seconds. (Cooldown: 3 minutes)


The following is a detailed list about the confirmed companions for the Jedi Consular. Click the names of each companion to see their spell list.


Sex: Male

Race: Trandoshan

Planet: Typhon

Primary Stat: Aim

Companion type: Melee Tank

Armor: Heavy

Armament: Vibrosword

Light/Dark sided: Light

Loves – Weapons

Likes – Military Gear, Technology, Underworld Goods

Crafting: +5 Bioanalysis, +15 Archaeology

Theran Cedrex

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Planet: Nar Shaddaa

Primary Stat: Cunning

Companion type: Ranged Healer

Armor: Medium

Armament: Blaster Pistol & Scattergun

Light/Dark sided: Neutral

Loves – Luxury, Technology

Likes – Courting, Cultural Artifacts, Underworld Goods

Note: Romanceable.

Crafting: +10 Cybertech, +10 Slicing


Sex: Male

Race: Twilek

Planet: Balmorra

Primary Stat: Cunning

Companion type: Ranged Damage

Armor: Medium

Armament: Sniper Rifle & Scattergun

Loves – Weapons

Likes – Military Gear, Underworld Goods

Note: Romanceable

Crafting: +15 Investigation, +1 Underworld Trading Crit

Lt Iresso

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Planet: Hoth

Primary Stat: Aim

Companion type: Ranged Tank

Armor: Medium

Armament: Blaster Rifle or Blaster Pistol & Shield generator

Light/dark sided: Light

Loves – Republic Memorabilia, Trophies, Courting (from females)

Likes – Luxury, Weapons

Crafting: +2 Armstech Crit, +2 Scavenging Crit

Nadia Grell

Sex: Female

Race: Human

Planet: Belsavis

Primary Stat: Willpower

Companion type: Melee Damage

Armor: Light

Armament: Doublebladed Lightsaber & Focus

light/dark sided: Light

Loves – Courting, Cultural Artifacts, Republic Memorabilia

Likes – Luxury, Underworld Goods

Crafting: +10 Synthweaving, +2 Diplomacy Crit


Crew Skill Facts

  • you can have 1(or 0) crafting skill, no limit on gathering skills, and mission skills
  • you can learn all crew skills on Dromund Kaas / Coruscant, after those planets, you will find every crew skill trainer on every planet’s main base (main base is where your ship arrives)
  • you can discover rare recipes while using crafting skills (I mean when your companions are using crafting skills), Reverse Engineering and some Mission Crew-Skills
  • there are some companions with bonuses like “cybertech critical +1?, it gives the companion more chance to discover rare recipes
  • you can only do gathering skills, your companions can do the crafting and missions
  • yes, your droid is a companion
  • every character knows reverse engineering, and you can reverse items your companions made (not all of them, for example you can’t reverse mods)

The Jedi Consular Companion's Crew skill bonuses are in favor of the crafting as a Synthweaver with Archaeology and Investigation. Qyzen Fess - Archaeology +15 Zenith - Investigation +15 Nadia Grell - Syndthweaving +10

These bonuses however are purely for Crew Skills and do not affect Min/Maxers, they offer no stat bonus or ability valuable in PvE or PvP. You may feel free to choose any Crew Skill you wish.

Personal Opinion: I will be using Biochem, Bioanalysis and Diplomacy purely for the variety of pots that can become infinite use, this will be a great advantage in PvP and possibly PvE. Not to mention the other crafting skills are finite amount of selling, once everyone has the gear, the market will go down. However, Stimulants and Adrenals will always be required for PvP and PvE, this results in a almost endless market. This however is my opinion, you may make great credits with the other Crew Skills.


Not implemented yet - Will be populated once they are in-game.

Rumors say BW are creating a API for addons and Macros and Combat Logging are high on their priority list.


Keep your friends close...and your enemies closer...

11.1.0 Sage Talents to Sorcerer

The following are all 3 Sage Talent Trees converted to the Sorcerers Talent Tree, please notify me of any errors.

11.1.1 Balance to Madness Talent tree Conversion

Adjudication > Claws of Decay

Assertion > Lingering Nightmares

Containment > Haunted Dreams

Critical Kinesis > Calcify

Focused Insight > Parasitism

Force Strike > Raze

Force Suppression > Deathmark

Force Synergy > Exploitive Strikes

Mental Potency > Fanaticism

Mental Scarring > Creeping Death

Pinning Resolve > Oppressing Force

Presence of Mind > Wrath

Psychic Absorption > Devour

Psychic Barrier > Sith Efficacy

Psychokinesis > Torment

Sever Force > Creeping Terror

Sharpened Mind > Calculating Mind

Telekinetic Balance > Madness

The Force in Balance > Death Field

Twin Disciplines > Unearthed Knowledge

Upheaval > Chain Shock

Will of the Jedi > Will of the Sith

11.1.2 Seer to Corruption Talent tree Conversion

Clairvoyance > Penetrating Darkness

Confound > Conspiring Force

Conveyance > Force Bending

Egress > Fadeout

Force Shelter > Reconstruct

Foresight > Lucidity

Healing Trance > Innervate

Immutable Force > Dark Mending

Kinetic Collapse > Backlash

Mend Wounds > Sith Purity

Pain Barrier > Empty Body

Penetrating Light > Seeping Darkness

Preservation > Efficacious Currents

Psychic Suffusion > Force Suffusion

Rejuvenate > Resurgence

Resplendence > Force Surge

Salvation > Revivification

Serenity > Life Surge

Valiance > Dark Resilience

Wisdom > Haunting Presence

11.1.3 Telekinetics to Lightning Talent tree Conversion

Blockout > Suppression

Clamoring > Force Convection

Concentration > Subversion

Disturb Mind > Exsanguinate

Force Wake > Electric Bindings

Inner Strength > Electric Induction

Mental Alactrity > Polarity Shift

Mental Longevity > Reserves

Mind's Eye > Lightning Spire

Psychic Projection > Lightning Barrage

Psychic Propulsion > Ethereality

Reverberation > Reverberating Force

Telekinetic Defense > Lightning Barrier

Telekinetic Effusion > Lightning Effusion

Telekinetic Momentum > Forked Lightning

Telekinetic Wave > Chain Lightning

Tidal Force > Lightning Storm

Tremors > Conduction

Turbulence > Thundering Blast

11.2.0 Sage Abilities to Sorcerer Abilities

This is a list of Sage Abilities converted to the Sorcerer Abilities, please notify me of any errors.

Battle Readiness > Overcharge Saber

Blackout > Blackout

Clairvoyant Strike > Voltaic Slash

Cloud Mind > Cloud Mind

Combat Technique > Dark Charge

Deflection > Deflection

Disturbance > Lightning Strike

Double Strike > Thrash

Force Breach > Discharge

Force Lift > Whirlwind

Force of Will > Unbreakable Will

Force Speed > Force Speed

Force Stun > Electrify

Force Technique > Lightning Charge

Force Wave > Overload

Forcequake > Force Storm

Healing Trance > Innervate

Kinetic Ward > Dark Ward

Low Slash > Low Slash

Mind Crush > Crushing Darkness

Mind Snap > Jolt

Project > Shock

Resilience > Force Shroud

Saber Strike > Saber Strike

Sever Force > Creeping Terror

Shadow Strike > Maul

Shadow Technique > Surging Charge

Slow Time > Wither

Spinning Kick > Spike

Technique > Charge

Telekenetic Throw > Force Lightning

Telekinetic Wave > Chain Lightning

The Force in Balance > Death Field

Weaken Mind > Affliction

Whirling Blow > Lacerate

11.3.0 Sith Inquisitor Companions Conversion

The following is a detailed list about the confirmed companions for the Sith Inquisitor. Please notify me of any errors.

Khem Val

Sex: Male

Race: Dashade

Planet: Korriban

Companion type: Melee Tank

Armor: Heavy

Armament: Vibrosword and Shield Generator

Starting Kit: Shockwave

Crafting: +15 Artifice , +5 Investigation

Andronikos Revel

Sex: Male


Planet: Tatooine

Companion type: Ranged Damage

Armor: Medium

Armament: Dual Blasters

Starting Kit: Concussion Round

Note: Romanceable.

Crafting: +2 to Hacking crits, +2 to Underworld Trading crits

Ashara Zavros

Sex: Female

Race: Togruta

Planet: Taris

Companion type: Melee Damage

Armor: Medium

Armament: Dual Lightsabers

Starting Kit: Energy Shield

Note: Romanceable. Goodie-twoshoes.

Crafting: +10 Synthweaving, +10 Diplomacy

Talos Drellik

Sex: Male

Race: Human

Planet: Hoth

Companion type: Ranged Healer

Armor: Medium

Armament: Blaster and Shield Generator

Starting Kit: Medpac

Crafting: +5 Treasure Hunting, +5 Archaeology crits


Sex: Male

Race: Kaleesh

Planet: XXXXX

Companion type: Ranged Tank

Armor: Light

Armament: Lightsaber and Shield Generator

Starting Kit: Shockwave

Note: Apprentice - Tank

Crafting: +10 Bioanalysis, +2 Scavenging crits

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