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SW:TOR has a variety of classes and playing styles. They add diversity to the experience and compliment each other fighting techniques. Whether in a challening flashpoint, side mission, or even your own main class' solo mission, you can invite another player or friend to join you on your adventure.

Let's Get Party Started!

To invite someone to you group, it's pretty simple. Use the command /invite Bob or select the player, right click their profile picture and it will give you options there invite to group.

IMPORTANT: When you invite someone to a group that is not in your area, they will be prompted to be teleported to join the group. This is a fantastic feature to quickly gather your party. It does use the Quick Transport skill and will be on cooldown after use.

Questing in a Group

Now you can share treasures, missions, experience, and help slay those mighty androids together. Bonus missions kills(missions that are activated in certain areas for example killing X number creatures) are shared among the group which makes it a lot faster to complete. Remember to finish bonus missions before turning in the main mission associated with it. You not be able to continue to finish the bonus missions requirements!

Joining a Conversation

When you or a party member initiates dialogue with an NPC, the party members will be asked if they want to join the conversation. You can walk up to the NPC within talking area and click on the "Join Conversation" button at the top.

IMPORTANT: If you are not near the party, there is a neat feature to "Join by Holocam". A hologram of you will appear by your party and the NPC. You can still contribute in choosing dialogue choices as a hologram.

When talking with the NPC, you are given choices on how to react to a NPC's question or statement to define your character's personality. Some choices will increase your social points as well as Light or Dark side points based on your decisions. Your choices will lay the path that directs you later in your career. Each party member is able to roll on discussion choices. It is up to fate who's decision is granted...

IMPORTANT: It is worth noting that if you choose a Light sided or good decision, and your party chooses a darker path, you will still be awarded points based off your good decision even if your party decided to kill a small group of baby ewoks.

Joining a Solo Quest

Yes! You can join your friend on their solo story line adventure and can tease your friend on his corny pickup lines. In order to join a party member's solo mission, they must enter the solo area first to unlock it. You can be a silent bystander to your friends main story line. It's like watching a movie that your friend is helping write! Outside players or "non-owners" cannot contribute to dialogue choices. However after the chatting is over, you can have your buddies help with the dirty work of killing the bad guys.

TIP: Once inside the instance, I would suggest to let "non-owners" (those that do not own the mission) to run up to the interactive NPC first before initiating the dialogue. This gave us the most success with insuring non-owners the ability to watch-in on the story line and discussions.


Flashpoints are action packed, story driven adventures which test the limits of a group of players against difficult foes and volatile situations. (Don't forget to pick up the missions associated with the flash points!) These will be available around the time major useful crowd control and stunning skills become available. It is handy to read up a bit about flashpoints before entering them to be better prepared. In a flashpoint, the party leader can flag players with markers by right clicking their profile. These will take coordination with the party and using each classes strengths to help come together to defeat major opponents. They are challenging but well worth the effort!

IMPORTANT: Stay out of fire! There are lots of minor mechanics of fights that will help the survival of your party. If you see rings on the ground where for instance a timed mine has been thrown, move away from it! Some attacks deliver conical range damage, avoid that cone! Some bosses have a push back skill, stay away from edges! Increasing your awareness and keeping your eyes out for these mechanics will save your tail and make healers happy :)

Also, don't forget there is a great Looking for Group feature! If you are looking for more members or you are looking to join an existing group, you can flag yourself for "LFG" in the Social menu. It is a good idea to add notes to let other people know what your objective is for needing a group. Thanks for reading this rather lengthy guide to a simple topic. I hope the tips help on your adventure in a time long ago in a galaxy far, far away.... And remember, have fun!

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