About The Black Wolves


Bio: We are the rash, leap before looking types that don't dally with politics and seek to save lives instead of trying to negotiate for them. We are the Qui-Gon Jinn's, the Heroes of Bathawui, the Revan and Malak (before their fall) that will not sit back and watch star systems and people be hurt by indecision and inactivity of the Republic diplomats and the Jedi Council as a whole as they deliberate the best course of action. The guild can probably be likened to the romantic notion of swash bucklers, like a Robin Hood figure, doing what is right and good, and expecting little payment in return. Whether it makes the group as a whole a bunch of mercenaries would be questionable, but the group is not above or below dealing with shady people to help save lives. This should not be mistaken for foolhardiness either. We do evaluate a situation and don't just blindly jump in. Experience and intelligence would be used to help out as well. Infiltrating if we must, evaluating and enlisting the aid of as many as we can get to help us in our goals of defending and protecting the weak, and not waiting on the Republic diplomats and Jedi Council to decide when the right time to act is. The Living Force is our guide, and it gives us direction to act, not meditate.

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