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Bio: WaRPiGs & SithSwine warpigsmmo.com (http://www.warpigsmmo.com) Who are the War('@')s? What are they about? We believe real life comes first, so we try to plan and schedule. If someone has to leave, well that happens, ya make the best of the situation. We try to be on time, and be there for the times we have committed to playing. If ya can't make it well, ya can't make it, see ya next time and we'll help you catch up. We like to have fun, to joke and laugh. We learn the game and play the the game and do it well. We may not get there first but we get there having a good time. We plan on doing all content. We don't tell people how to play, what gear they have, how to spec. It is a game; we are here to have fun. We will publish what we learn on our web site (http://www.warpigsmmo.com). If you want help, ask and we will do what we can. To my knowledge, no one in my community has played this game to the end yet, so they don't have all the answers. We will learn together and share the experience. Teamspeak 3 (http://www.teamspeak.com) is a must. You don't have to talk but when grouping it sucks to type. Many of us are just too lazy to type anymore. (if you knew how long it took me to spell check this thing you would cringe) PM me and I will send you the TS address info. What do I have to do to join the WaR PiGs? We are a gaming community, with an MMO section and an FPS section. If you are looking to join us in our MMO gaming, please make a post in our recruitment forum (http://warpigsmmo.com/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=290). Your application to join will be evaluated by the site administration daily. Are there any restrictions for joining? Not really, at first everyone is fair game. The determination of being a member is based on maturity and your ability to get along with others, (ask Eulif about the Beer and Pie) as well as representing the WaR Pigs in a positive manner. Age restriction is 18 and up. Teamspeak (you must be at least 18 years old to get on our Teamspeak Server). Who makes the final decisions, and are the people to approach if I have a problem on the server? The main guys are El Pato, Srafa and Eulif.

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