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Harbinger Queue Times

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Queues suck. Nobody likes having to wait a bunch of time  before they can get into the game and play. Unfortunately, queues are also part and parcel of a launch. With a game as popular as SWTOR was destined to be, this is even more of a reality.

With that in mind, we want you all have the best gaming experience possible. When we first established this guild as part of the pre-launch program, we knew that BW would be assigning us to a server. What we didn't know was that this server would end up being one of the most populous. We'll be keeping an eye on what Bioware offers as solutions for this situation.

We certainly don't intend to ask everyone to roll fresh characters on a new server. Even though we've only had access to the game a few days, having to repeat everything you've done so far isn't something we want to ask people to do. However, if Bioware offers transfers, that might give us the opportunity to relocate to a server that better accommodates our needs and allows us to keep the progress we've made so far.

In any event, we want to make sure you enjoy your time with Omega Guard and will be looking for any opportunities to make sure that happens. Feel free to tell us what you think of the whole situation by commenting on this post.
The Omega Guard

Friday Update: Smuggler vs. Sith Warrior

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This week's Friday update: Smuggler v. Sith Warrior. Enjoy!
The Omega Guard

Server: The Harbinger

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We have a home, and that home is "The Harbinger." See you all there!

*If you are curious about how auto-joining the guild works (for those that were in the pre-launch guild program), please see this article.

The Omega Guard

Server Info Coming Monday

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According to a tweet and Facebook post by Bioware, on Monday we'll be given the information as to what server our guild has been placed on.

Remember that if you signed up with us through the pre-launch guild program, you will be provided with an automatic invitation to join the guild when you make your first Republic character on our designated server.

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