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Joined: Jan 31 2012 3:48 PM

Bio: Anesthesia is a progression-focused, dedicated raiding guild on the Naddist Rebels (PvP-US) server. The guild formed out of a group of players who collected prior to the launch of The Old Republic with the explicit intention of pursuing world ranked boss kills upon launch. Many of us have experience in the highest levels of content in previous MMOs or competitive experience in games of other types. Our intention is to push content as it releases and achieve the fastest kill possible on the first iteration of each content tier. We expect to defeat bosses ahead of the nerf curve and before strategy guides and videos are plastered all over the internet. Raiders in Anesthesia are expected to be self-motivated and highly self-critical. While our raid environment can become tense as we push through new content, the leadership expects that each member is his or her own harshest critic. We have no interest in whining, self-righteousness, or sensitivity. We are not shy about pointing out others' mistakes and flaws, nor are we shy about accepting our own mistakes in order to fix them as quickly and efficiently as possible. We take raiding time seriously and expect the same out of each and every member. Things that players need to be reminded to do in other guilds go without saying in Anesthesia. Outside of raids, we're a laid-back group of players who enjoy bullshitting, making fun of each other, and stomping our way through other areas of content. We have a large group of active PvPers who regularly group up to lay waste to Warzones and who are eagerly awaiting more maps with ranked matches. Alts are encouraged (and indeed one raid-capable alt is required of every member). Several members play other games together during off-time, including Starcraft, League of Legends, SoulCalibur, and various others. In short, Anesthesia is a group of like-minded, dedicated players determined to advance the guild both as a progressive raiding entity as well as a community.

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