Can BoE artifact quality (epic) gear be crafted?

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Everything I have seen for Artifact (Purple) gear will be Bind on Pickup, unlike other crafted gear which will be Bind on Equip. Will any artifact quality gear be sellable ?

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I think the term for epic gear in SWTOR is "Artifact" and yes, some of it will be Bind On Equip. They would need to be, otherwise none of the armor-crafting or weapon-crafting skills would be economically viable.

However, each profession has its own BOP set that are only for the creator. For instance, Armormechs have a BOP set that is about as strong as you can get pre-raiding, since it's got an extra mod slot on each piece. You may have seen it last night during the Darth Hater stream, they were the orange-bordered items.

Similarly, Biochem has BOP stims/adrenals/meds that are reusable. The non-reusable versions are still Artifact quality, but they are not BOP since they aren't reusable.


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to follow up this answer.....the quality is called prototype ...and they are aas good as the artifact...better as they do not cancel on death for biomeds etc.but he is correct only the maker gets the infinite use biomeds......otherwise hed be making himself obsolete.



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Nope, check out the filter on the right: http://www.torhead.com/items/catg/1/subcatg/1

Prototype is Blue, and Artifact is Purple.

I understand that it's confusing though, I've definitely seen purple items that are labeled as [Prototype]. Definitely a bit counterintuitive...

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