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Crit Class?

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What advanced class/tree setup benefits most from, and/or has the most skills toward, landing criticals with attacks?

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Imperial Agent Sniper Marksman, Sith Inquisitor Assassin, Sith Inquisitor Sorc Lightning Tree, Bounty Hunter Merc Arsenal.


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Imperial Agent Sniper Sith Inquisitor Assassin, and their mirror classes.

Those two off the top of my head are most notable burst damage classes.

Snipers are very good in PVP situations if you go unnoticed for a while. I've seen insane crits being landed on people.

Assassins spec'd for deception are also huge burst DPSers. I've seen a video where a guy hit 3533 on someone in Voidstar pvp. It's the biggest number I've witnessed yet in a video. He followed up everything with good, solid 2ks. Needless to say, that guy topped out at damage. Another thing to note is that Assassins have some very strong CCs. Spike is a 2 second duration knock down, and in those 2 seconds you can voltaic slash twice to build up your shock damage. Very nice, very fast damage.


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Sniper. Check out the Marksmanship tree!

The Sniper (and Gunslinger) is the only class currently capable of lucking into a 3-ish second kill. The Marksmanship tree is designed specifically for massive damage on one target, balanced by the fact that sustained damage is a problem both in terms of cooldowns and energy.

Edit: this is under the assumption that by "crit" you actually meant "critical hit" and not "burst dps", which is a bit more general. Many classes are capable of burst dps, but the Sniper has the highest crit%.


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The Sith Inquisitor Assassin, the Jedi Consular Shadow, the Smuggler Scoundrel and the Imperial Agent Operative all involve sneaking around and doing massive burst-spike damage to unsuspecting foes. :D