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Did you got the early access email yet?

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Hello everyone! if you get the good email in the next hours from now to tomorrow, please let us know, also please post the date you submitted your pre-order key/early access key and the time you got the email so we can get some stats out of it to get an idea.


Mr. Sith

Mr. Sith posted this Dec 12 2011 4:14 PM

I am pretty sure they said those won't be sent out until 7am EST tomorrow morning; I could be wrong.

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From my understanding there is no set time when the early access emails are sent out as a whole (given they might be in batches based on date) but the dev's advised people to just keep their refresh button ready for when they can log-on or keep their launcher up starting tomorrow.

Earliest they will be sent out is tomorrow morning.

Also just a side note, if someone gets their invite the last place they are going to be is the help website, so chances are they will be to caught up in playing the game to reply.


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This isn't the place to ask such questions--try the SWTOR subreddit or some kind of fan IRC channel.

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