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Managing Companions - How would you go?

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I'm playing s sith jugg level 32.

I recently got an apprentice (i wont spoil to those who didn't get there yet)

I found it that with my 2 older companions which were "vette" and "quinn" that I didnt manage them at all, both vette and quinn are ranged companions and i as a sith jugg would leap in to close combat situation leaving them behind for fire support and in case of quinn also healing capabilities.

As soon as I got the apprentice I begun taking her to more and more missions, and since I dont have quinns healing capabilities I needed to keep her in line. As soon as we entering a battle to keep her focus on the target not going to attack another near-by group.

The point is that i found myself managing and controlling my apprentice in a more detailed manner, and my game world just opened up.. I never was the type to manage companions in MMO's before but in this case it really fun.

Do you control your companions or let them run next to you do what ever things they do?

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I am healer and I run with my tank companion whom I got as 3rd (not counting ship droid) on Nar Shaddaa. Luckily for me I really like him. Although I would prefer to have my romance interest at my side, but 2 healers would take ages to kill anything.

Most of time I just keep shield on him, throw heals from time to time and let him tank while I dps. Sometimes I tell him who to attack, usually strong mobs or one in group which isn't caught in my AOE.

However, when encountering elites I usually mainly heal him all the time while he takes all the damage. If oppurtunity raises I try to deal some damage too. This way fights might take bit longer, but at least I am sure I win. Often when I start to dps too much he dies and then quickly after I follow him =/