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What healing class is your favourite and why?

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This questions is for those who are interested in Healing. I like the healing specs i have seen in the talent trees but would like to know how each class is played. I have made a Sage and kinda like how they heal but all their heals have activation times (as far as i got in levels) and some nice bubbles and things to help mitigate damage but how does the Scoundrel/Operative and a Commando/Mercenary heal? and is it pretty fun? Sorry is the question is stupid but i was just curious.

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The commando/mercenary both have pretty engaging stories that I would consider much better than the sage. The closest thing I could compare it to is a chloromancer from Rift, otherwise you could think of it as a pretty much single target healer. The scoundrel story I did not read as I was focusing on trying the class before beta ended, but from what other testers have told me the Operative has the best story of all the classes. The scoundrel/operative healing will make use of the cast heals, hots, and earning points through those heals to use other heals which help you balance out so you do not run into energy problems and go oom very early. This class also makes uses of the cover mechanic which is interesting and will add a lot more strategy to the class (especially for holding a area). Along with this the Scoundrel/Operative gains the use of stealth out of combat as well as a in-combat stealth which I believe is a 3min cd. Both of these classes make use of a energy/ammo for abilities which recharge faster when you have over 75% available, making these classes ideal for steady heals. If you are wondering however which healing class will be most looked for in raids, I would recommend the Scoundrel/Operative as they appear to be the most underplayed class in the beta's and are even rarer for the people to choose the healing route, but this class offers unique abilities that will make it essential for at least one in a raid. I hope this answers your question. GL with w/e class u choose!


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Trooper, who will be my main, has my favorite healing mechanics - a shield that heals when shielded target is hit by enemy (Earth Shield for WoW players). Unfortunately I haven't played Trooper much =/

But played quite much as Operative. It was lot of fun, both in FPs and PVP. At lvl 27 I had 4 heals:

  • spammable, free heal, not very effective, but allows energy to regenerate
  • basic heal, 2.5s cast, which talented granted me Tactical Advantage
  • faster heal, 1.5 cast, healing slightly more than bacic, but used Tactical Advantage
  • instant HoT which stacked up to 2 times

This a very informative spreadsheet about healing skills of all classes.


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This is sort of a half-answer, but Force Heal is a great community for healers, and a great resource if you want to know more about the different healing classes and their strengths and playstyles.

Force Junkies posted this article earlier in the week that gives a nice overview of the healing capabilities of the Sage and Sorcerer classes.