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AMD Graphics Problems with SWTOR (v11.11) [closed]

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[Driver Version as of Comment: 11.11 ] [Hardware: ATI 5870 2GB x2 In Crossfire] [Platform: Windows 7 (x64) ]

If you are experiencing any of these:

  • Purple Portraits
  • Green Stretched Trails of Light
  • Pix-elated Desktop After Exit
  • Cursor Corruption

Then you most likely have an AMD/ATI Graphics card, while most of these issues will be fixed in driver updates which their are no ETA, you can resolve Pix-elated Desktop and Green Texture distortion but disabling Crossfire and AA.


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The game ran fine on my AMD GPU (6950). Infact I played half the beta with my old drivers and the 2nd half with the newest ones, either way I had no issues