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What is a "Community Post" question?

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When creating a new question, there is a checkbox at the bottom to indicate if it is a "Community Post" question. What does this mean and what does it do if it's checked?



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This question has been flagged as a "Community Post" because it's considered "Off-Topic" and not related to SW:TOR. Regardless of the # of votes on this question, no reputation will be awarded to me or anyone else.

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A "Community Post" question is, in essence, any question that does not have a absolute, factual answer involving the topic of the site (ie SW:TOR). For this reason, all reputation gains/losses are disabled on these posts and will not impact your level or reputation.

We want to leave room for people to ask opinion, subjective and off-topic questions, but we do not believe that you should be earning reputation for these questions.

Some examples of "Community Post" questions:

  • How many people are from XXX?
  • What do you think the best XXX is?
  • What is your favorite XXX?
  • Why can't a XXX do XXX?

All of these questions have good information, but no answer can truly be given to them, due to the nature of the question.