How many crew skills can you learn per character?

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How many crew skills can you pick on each character?

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Star Wars: The Old Republic has a total of 14 different Crew Skills, of which a player may learn a total of three. There are, however, restrictions to what skills you may learn.

The skills are split into three different categories: Gathering, Crafting, and Mission.




Again, the base limitation is that a player may only learn up to three of these Crew Skills. In addition to that limitation, however, a player may only learn one crafting skill. This means that the following are the only combinations allowed:

  • 3 gathering
  • 2 gathering, 1 mission
  • 2 gathering, 1 crafting
  • 1 gathering, 1 crafting, 1 mission
  • 1 gathering, 2 mission
  • 1 crafting, 2 mission
  • 3 mission

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If I have gathered everything correctly...

  • You can have 5 crew members
  • You can train your crew members up to 3 skills
  • You can only train 1 crafting skill
  • You have to pick out of the same pool of 3 skills for all 5 crew members

Then, each individual crew member will have different skill ratings, despite what you pick. For example, you might specialize in a mission, gathering, and crafting skill. Out of your crew members, some will excel in missions, others will excel in crafting. Crew members will not be masters of all tasks.

Source: SWTOR Strategy Guide: SWTOR Crew System

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